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"Art of Change" understands the art of changing music styles

Jazz on the Ansgarikirchhof

by Christiane Tietjen


With its skillful change of music styles the jazz formation "Art of Change" entertained the audience in mid morning on the Ansgarikirchhof. Pianist and teacher Karl Frers, who gave the band its name, is also the composer of the individual mix of jazz, classical and modern music. The City Initiative had arranged the performance during peak shopping hours.


Karl Frers und Bassist Johannes

Karl Frers and bass player Johannes Schäfer.


"Let me tell you how I feel" aspirates Angela Wolter into the microphone, keeping eye contact with her fellow musicians. Her voice is tender and yet full of energy. Karl Frers’ piano accompaniment plays a leading role for the sound of the band, however, Johannes Schäfer on the bass and Toni Danner on the drums also convey the impelling rhythm of their gentle and emotional message.

There is a relaxed atmosphere on the Ansgarikirchhof. Adults are listening with drinks in their hands; children are playing peacefully in the sandbox. During the break an excited married couple from Berlin approaches the musicians to ask whether they could imagine playing in the capital some day. Karl Frers doesn’t seem to be averse of the idea.


The musician’s main profession is being a teacher at the Gesamtschule Ost (GSO) in Osterholz. Angela Wolter teaches music at the Oberschule Findorff. “Singing opens up the soul!“ she says, and this is what she tries to convey to her pupils. In her first studies she learned classical piano, today in her spare time she devotes herself to singing – in a choir or as solo singer at "Art of Change".

 Sängerin Angela Wolter und Schlagzeuger Toni Danner.

Singer Angela Wolter and drummer Toni Danner.


The band’s repertoire written by Karl Frers is inventive. At the concert he attempts to get the most out of the keyboard. At home he plays and composes at the grand piano, that’s „even greater“, says Karl Frers.


Bass player Johannes Schäfer composes pieces of music that are being performed at home and abroad and has already been awarded several prizes. "Most of all I enjoy that we work together on an equal footing", Angela Wolter says with a smile. And this is what the audience witnessed on the Ansgarikirchhof.

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